This is How I Chose the Right Place for Me

I grew up in just one city for much of my life, so knowing where to go to get things done was never a problem. I lived in a small area where most people knew each other, or at least, knew of one another. But big city living is a little different, and many people are strangers. So, It was on me to find my own dentist or any other people I needed to get services from.

I felt a little uncomfortable asking coworkers which doctors and dentists they use because I really did not know my coworkers well enough. I really like to know the people that I get advice from, rather than the other way around. But it was really no trouble to me to read reviews online, though. Of course, I do not know the people who write the reviews, but there are so many of them to read that I feel that I can get a better and true picture of a situation that way. So, I chose to go with reading as much as possible to research.

When I found a few dentists that looked promising, I wrote up a list of questions to ask them. I sat down on a Monday, and called each place up to find out what they had to share with me. Every place that I called was happy to answer my questions. I really felt like someone would feel it was a waste of time, but that did not happen in the least. Of the few places that were very busy when I called, they were happy to call me back as soon as they had some free time to go through my list with me. It worked out rather well, and it was not hard to find a new dental practice to start going to.