Physical Therapy A Boon For Seniors

Physical therapy has long been used to help people recover from various health problems. It is often assumed that physical therapy plays only a minor role in helping people stay healthy. However, more and more evidence is emerging to show that physical therapy can help seniors in many different ways. It is not longer used exclusively to deal with injuries. It is now known that physical therapy can help with everything from conditions like urinary tract problems to various forms of dementia.

An expert in physical therapy for seniors in Marietta GA explains that physical therapy is great for increasing strength, as well as improving flexibility and coordination. As seniors progress through physical therapy sessions, they get more self-confident. Many seniors who have been injured after a fall feel very insecure. This often inhibits them from doing even simple tasks. People who get physical therapy tend to overcome these fears more quickly than those who receive no therapy.


Arthritis is a generic term that refers to inflammation of the joints. It is a widespread condition, and most people over the age of 65 will have some type of arthritis. People with arthritis may have no symptoms, but the majority will experience some level of pain or discomfort. Physical therapy can be very helpful in relieving pain caused by arthritis.


People who have strokes will usually have reduced physical capacity in the aftermath. This comes about because some brain damage occurs during a stroke. Physical therapy is vital for stroke victims, and it can produce astonishing results.

Types of therapy

There are many different types of therapy, and everybody’s requirements will be different. It is important that certified physical therapists do a full assessment before recommending a physical therapy program for somebody. The needs of a person recovering from a stroke will be totally different to those of somebody receiving therapy to control incontinence.

There are also many different types of therapy that can help in dealing with a particular condition. For example, therapy for people with arthritis could include using ice packs to reduce swelling, or hot packs to reduce pain. Aqua-therapy may also be beneficial for people with arthritis. It allows them to exercise without putting too much stress on inflamed joints. Another form of therapy is electrical stimulation.

If you would like to learn more about the types of physical therapy available to seniors, or about the conditions which can be helped by physical therapy, please contact AG Rhodes.