A Look At The Average Day Of A Medical Biller

Medical billing is a challenging but rewarding career. Medical billers are at the front line when it comes to making sure medical treatment facilities get paid for the valuable services they offer to the public. By taking over this very important aspect of a medical practice, medical billers free up qualified medical staff to do what they are best at, namely helping people to get better.

Medical billers liaise with doctors and nurses to find out what treatment has been provided to patients. The medical billers take this information and attach billing codes to all procedures. This is a critical aspect of medical billing. It means that medical billers have to be familiar with common medical terminology, so this forms a significant part of medical billing training.

Medical billers prepare bills for patients and ensure the patients receive them. Since many patients will receive treatment on an ongoing basis, medical billers will also prepare statements. Part of a medical billers brief will be to deal with late payments or past due accounts. Depending on the policy of the medical practice, medical billers may also have to make telephone contact with patients with past due bills. If it seems that patients are unlikely to try to clear their debts, medical billers may be responsible for passing debts to a collection agency.

Medical billers have to be very precise and accurate when preparing bills. They must be able to handle any queries patients may raise about bills, and they will need to be able to explain the fee structure to patients. Since many patients will have little understanding of medical terminology, medical billers must be good communicators. They need to be able to deal with queries without using too much medical jargon.

Another crucial role that medical billers take is dealing with insurance companies and with Medicare. The fees for many medical procedures and treatments are partly or fully covered by Medicare or an insurance company. The medical biller must process the bills through the relevant institution. He or she must correctly apportion the total bill between the patient and the third party when only part of the fee is covered.

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