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Best Weight-loss Program for Women

weight loss plan for womenWomen who have a tendency to gain weight should be conscious of their eating habits and lifestyle on the whole. They usually become prone to putting on weight after the age of thirty. The clinical factors that lead to substantial weight gain are changes in hormonal levels after menopause, miscarriage, hyperthyroidism, high blood sugar, diabetes, and heredity. However, the medical factors are not always the only reasons behind weight gain. Increase in weight is also a consequence of bad eating habits, which include the intake of high-calorie foods, junk food, aerated drinks, alcohol, and excessive caffeine. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are significant factors that lead to gradual weight gain in women. The best weight-loss program for women consists of following a proper diet along with a regular exercise routine, for a considerable period of time, to achieve maximum benefits.

The Ideal Weight-loss Program for Women

Losing weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise is quite possible unless you are suffering from any major health ailments. Surgeries, liposuction, etc., are not at all required if you are fit from within. You should follow a diet consisting of green vegetables, salads, citrus fruits, and plenty of water. Perform exercises under the guidance of your fitness trainer to avoid any form of muscle injury in your mid-age.

Weight-loss Regimen

-Breakfast Have complex carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal. Cornflakes, whole wheat pasta, or brown bread is ideal for breakfast. A glass of skimmed milk and scrambled/boiled eggs is good for you. Also, you can include an apple or a banana.
-Lunch Cook your meals in oil free from saturated fatty acids. Olive, sesame, and linseed oil can be used for this purpose. Include a lot of green vegetables during lunch time. A bowl of brown rice, salsa wrap along with boiled chicken, grilled turkey, beef, and roasted fish are extremely healthy, and their consumption does not cause any additional weight gain.
-Dinner Your dinner should be as light as possible, and it should consist of soups and salads. Have whole wheat tortillas, tofu salad, and soups made from pulses and grains. Cabbage, spinach, and lettuce soup are also healthy. You can have a vegetable dish containing an assortment of raw carrots, beets, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, etc.
-Snacks Keep the calorie count under check while having mid-meal snacks. You can have protein drinks, wheat crackers, and a lot of fruits for snacks. Increase the intake of citrus fruits (grapefruits, lemons, oranges, berries, etc.) as much as possible, and drink plenty of water. Peanuts, popcorn, and puffed rice are also a healthy option for women wanting to shed weight.
-Yoga If you religiously follow the instructions of your yoga guru, then you are bound to lose weight after a certain period. The more urban version is power yoga, an extremely beneficial modification designed to assist in faster weight loss. Ensure that you understand the movements and postures accurately to gain maximum benefits.
-Aerobics Women above the age of 30 should be careful while doing aerobics. The fast movements are sometimes difficult to perform if your body is not flexible enough. Aerobics, which is quite popular mostly amongst young ladies, is a wonderful way of losing the extra pounds uniformly from the entire body. Try step up aerobics, Zumba, and other forms of aerobic dance steps under the guidance of your fitness trainer.
-Cardio Workouts If you seriously want to lose weight, then cardio exercises are a must try. It forms the basis of any weight-loss program. While doing cardio, you can actually feel your calories burning. Some excellent cardio exercises include running, swimming, jogging, dancing, walking, cycling, kick boxing, etc. You must do cardio for at least 30 minutes before indulging in any other form of exercise.
-Stretching Proceed with stretching exercises gradually to make your body immensely flexible. Stretching gives a proper shape to the body, and you shed weight in an effective manner. You can stretch with the help of machines, weights, exercise balls, etc., or do freehand stretching exercises. Anaerobic exercises work wonders for love handles and abdomen.Hopefully, the aforementioned table has provided you with the information you were looking for. Follow it consistently to achieve the desired results.

Activities for Senior

A lot of emphasis is put on keeping ourselves fit and occupied while we are in our salad-days. But, we should spare a thought about our old-age as well. It is the stage in which we need maximum attention and it is the stage in which we can very well become a couch potato. While working for as a customer service agent for a UK-based online-shopping company, I was impressed with the zeal and enthusiasm with which senior citizens kept themselves involved. From art and craft items, to hot-air balloons, their attitude towards life was exemplary. That is one of the reasons why I thought of writing an article on the activities in which our senior citizens can indulge themselves in.
Activities for Senior Citizens – Fun Indoor Game
Mix about 200 small safety pins in an ice-cream bucket along with dry oatmeal. Blindfold a person and time them for around 10 minutes and let them see how many pins they can find in the dry oatmeal. Let everyone have a turn (blindfolded), and the one who finds the maximum number of pins, wins a prize.
Activities for Senior Citizens – Auction
Pick up some inexpensive items from your local grocery store. Good choices would be toiletries, kitchen items, personal care products, and home decorations. These items can also be gift-wrapped as mystery prizes. You will also require some fake money, which is equally distributed along the participants. The auctioneer will pick up a single prize at a time, and start the bidding.
Activities for Senior Citizens – Fishing
Everyone is supposed to get their own fishing pole and bait along. It will help the seniors relax as well as keep themselves occupied. There should be prizes for the maximum fish caught and the biggest catch.
Activities for Senior Citizens – Yoga
Organize a yoga class. This is extremely beneficial to senior citizens, and each person should do only those yoga exercises that they are comfortable with. However, this activity needs care and caution.
Some Other Activities for Seniors

-Organize a one-mile walk. This is something which is within the capability of most senior citizens.
-Mental exercises like solving puzzles and doing mathematical calculations without using a paper and pencil could be undertaken. This might delay the onset of serious old age diseases like Alzheimer’s, or delay the progress of the disease in people already afflicted by this disease.
-Monthly birthday parties can be a good way for senior citizens to catch-up with each other. Also, it will make the birthday a memorable experience.
-Have a quiz regarding movies, songs, TV shows, actors, and other categories that the seniors are familiar with or are enthusiastic about.
-Playing Favorites – We guess each person’s favorite choices, for example, their favorite sport, favorite food, or favorite music genre. Keep prizes for those who guess it right and win.
-Sculpting for seniors – You could use the soft clay products, which are made for children. There should be a prize for the quickest sculpture created and the best looking sculpture. This activity would also help in strengthening the seniors’ dexterity and muscle control.
-A holiday trip to a scenic spot could be organized. Nature is one of the most effective healers for the mind.
-Hold a flower decoration competition. Supply the flowers, vases, and scissors. You are allowed to take your handmade creation home.
-Supply the seniors with cameras. Each one can take pictures of their favorite items, and display them to others as a slide show.
-You could also place your favorite recipe among many recipes, and ask the seniors to guess it.
-Each senior can talk for a few minutes offering personal advice and tips on health-related issues.

These were some activities for seniors. As we mentioned before, it is very important that senior citizens keep themselves occupied with some of the other activity, otherwise life can get a bit monotonous. Not only will these activities keep the senior citizens busy, these will also help them in being healthy and spontaneous. We hope that this article would be useful to everyone, especially our senior citizens.

Red Wine Benefits for Prostate Health

Want to keep your prostate healthy? Well, you are just a ‘glass of red wine’ away from it. Consuming red wine in moderation has long been known to benefit the heart. However, recent studies have shown that red wine does display a prostate-protective effect, and drinking it regularly may help reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer.

Red grapes that are primarily used in making red wine contain resveratrol, which lies in the skin of grapes. Resveratrol shows antioxidant activity, but also seems to have anti-cancer properties that help in promoting prostate health.

How is Red Wine Good for Prostate
According to June 2007 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch, consuming at least 4 glasses of red wine every week may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by half.

The study published in the International Journal of Cancer traced the type of alcohol consumed by two groups, with over 700 men in each group. One group consisted of men affected with prostate cancer, while the second group had healthy individuals. The study showed a remarkable decrease in prostate cancer risk in people taking red wine. One glass of red wine contains 4 ounces. Researchers found that men who took four to seven glasses of red wine per week slashed their risk by a whopping 48%. Men who consumed just 1 glass of red wine every week carried 6% lower risk of prostate cancer.

The study also revealed that increased intake of red wine (up to 8 glasses every week) reduced the chances of getting aggressive cancer by 61%. Aggressive cancer is one of the most severe forms of cancer in which the cancerous cells spread rapidly. Thus, the study shows that red wine further slashes the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. This indicates that red wine consumption provides more effective protection against severe forms of cancer.

Effective Medical Treatments
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are more potent against prostate cancer cells when the treatment is complemented with resveratrol, an important ingredient found in red wine. From previous studies it was proved, that bringing prostate cancer cells in contact with a specific dose of resveratol make them extremely sensitive to chemotherapy. Researchers were keen to find out whether this effect also holds true for radiation. A study reported in the Journal of Andrology and Cancer Science, did prove that exposure of prostate tumor cells to resveratrol, and the subsequent radiation therapy that followed, destroyed up to 97% of tumor cells, including the aggressive type of cancer cells.

Proteins in cancer cells play a key role in the destruction of tumor cells. It is observed that the amount of proteins present in prostate cancer cells is small. However, due to the combination treatment, the activity of proteins rose dramatically, which led to widespread wipe out of tumor cells.

The research does show that tumor cells are more responsive to radiation/chemotherapy when combined with resveratrol. The combination treatment seems to be more efficacious than chemotherapy or radiation alone.

Although the study points out the effectiveness of resveratrol in killing cancer cells, using it along with prostate cancer treatment is not feasible. This is because the amount of resveratrol required to destroy cancer cells is substantially high, and so taking resveratrol in such large doses can cause a wide range of side effects.

On the whole, the research does reveal that intake of red wine and prostate health go well together. Still, drinking red wine in moderation is a must to reap its benefits, as observed by the researchers. Heavy consumption of red wine (more than 8 glasses every week), is detrimental to health and hence, excess intake should be avoided.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Healthy heartIt is a serious misconception that being in excellent physical condition makes you less vulnerable to heart diseases. It is true that good levels of physical conditioning are a contributing factor in keeping your heart healthy, but it is not the only one. In short, fitness and health may be two different subjects if we look at it with intricacy. It is not an absolute necessity that a bodybuilder is less prone to developing a heart disease than an average man.
Go Green
When we speak of the heart, we cannot ignore the importance and benefits of plant-based foods. Vegetables are an excellent source of Glutamic acid. It is a class of amino acids which helps to keep blood pressure at lower levels; safe levels, so to say. What’s more? Veggies lack cholesterol, fat and even calories, which otherwise tend to be the common culprits for causing heart diseases. Not to mention, the amount of vitamins and minerals that vegetables provide.
Be Active
Without the aid of daily exercise, maintaining your health is a daunting task. Exercises not only improves heart function, but also helps in lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in the body. A mere 30 minutes stroll daily does good for the heart. It is said that sprinting is more beneficial for the heart, than jogging.Reduce Oil
Although, you cannot avoid oil completely, you can keep its consumption to a minimum. As oils are a storehouse of calories mostly consisting of fat, they have high chances of leading to the development of plaque in the arteries. This gives rise to some nasty heart problems. However, not all types of oil are unhealthy. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help in preventing cardiovascular diseases and reduce instances of heart attack.
According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, people with cardiovascular disease had 30% less likelihood of heart attacks because of omega-3 fatty acids. Best sources include salmon, mackerel and herring. Flax seed, walnuts, and soybeans are also good sources.

Cut the Smoke
If you think you cannot shun the habit of smoking, then you might as well know that you cannot do anything good for your heart. One of the most severe risks of smoking relates to heart diseases in almost every smoker. Quit smoking, and you have done half the job in keeping your heart healthy!

Lose Weight
If your figure is slim, and belly flat, then you may have less things to worry about heart diseases. I am talking about weight loss. Being overweight puts extra load on the heart, thus increasing the risk of heart conditions. So, consume less sugary foods and more fiber, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the basic necessities for a healthy heart today.

Add More Fiber
Fiber exists in two major groups; soluble and insoluble. Although both types are beneficial to health, it is the former type that does way better to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Due to its soluble nature, it binds with the cholesterol in the intestines and keeps it from being absorbed. A healthy person requires a serving of 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber a day to avail this benefit of low cholesterol. Foods rich in this fiber include apples, peas, prunes, etc.

Beware of Saturated Fats
It is important that you limit the amount of saturated and trans fats you consume. These spike cholesterol levels in the body, thus increasing the risk of coronary disease. So avoid or limit consumption of food such as red meat, dairy products, coconut oil, palm oil. These are rich in saturated fatty acids. To avoid trans fats, eat less fast food, bakery products, snacks, crackers, and margarine. Go for foods rich in healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Eat Less Salt
Sodium is good for the body, but in small amounts. High salt intake means high blood pressure, which eventually points out to heart conditions. When sodium starts accumulating in the blood, it attracts water which in turn, increases the blood volume. Now to keep this blood circulating through the blood vessels, the heart has to work harder thus, causing high blood pressure. The recommended amount of sodium in the food per day must be less than 2300 milligrams.

Take the Right Medication
In most cases, heart diseases are also related to the use of drugs. So, it is important that you take medicines as prescribed by the doctor, or get them altered if necessary.

Moderate Alcohol
Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts does not harm the body. In fact, some studies show that moderate consumption provides some benefits for the heart. However, the habit of drinking is analogous to walking on thin ice. It is not difficult for any one to step out of his limit, and become a heavy drinker. So, ensure that either you stick to moderate drinking or you don’t drink at all.

Manage Stress
Stress has also been known to be one of the common culprits of heart problems. Any stressful situation elevates blood pressure and this response takes its toll on the heart. So, keep yourself relaxed by practicing meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.

Smile for a Healthy Heart

A smile is probably one of the simplest of cures for anything in this world – broken confidence, broken dreams, even a broken heart. I have almost lost count of how many times I have looked into the mirror and just smiled at myself, and how it has worked to get me out of a bad mood! At the end of it you become so infected by your own smile, you wish the reflection you are seeing in the mirror were an actual person and you could hug that person and thank that person for being so nice to you!

Smiling for a Healthy Heart

The heart is one of the most vital organs of the body. The size of your heart is roughly equal to the size of your fist – with the thumb closed in. Now just imagine; such a tiny little pump sees to it that every drop of blood – and there are countless in 5 liters of blood – circulates through the body almost twice a day, everyday. That is indeed a lot of work, and you can imagine the amount of pressure on the heart and even the blood vessels of the body. Now just think about the amount of things, and the number of times, and the countless moments in life that we spend being upset about something – does it still seem worth it?

I said in one of my previous articles that it is only a healthy body that can host a happy mind. Today I will go on to say – converse is also true. If you are happy, you are going to feel great, and your body is going to respond to all that positive energy within itself. If you stay happy, you will feel positive about your life, more confident to tackle all of life’s challenges, and grab the bull by its horns. And one of the best ways to stay happy is to keep smiling. More smiles correspond to less frowns, which mean less tension and stress. Ultimately less pressure on the mind and body pave the way to a healthy body and a healthy heart.

Laughter Therapy

Did you know that laughing actually improves your blood circulation? Take a look at yourself the next time you laugh over something – the extremities of your face – particularly your nose tip and your ears – will have probably gone red and hot! It has been proved now that laughter causes the endothelium of blood vessels to dilate. Laughing also causes the body to release nitrous oxide, or the laughing gas as it is commonly called. And what’s more – seeing someone laugh makes you smile, then grin ear to ear, and finally laugh yourself! And that is what forms the basis of Dr. Madan Kataria’s brainchild, Hasyayoga – or Laughter Yoga. The source of laughter in these groups, where laughter is an exercise rather than just an expression, is not humor. But anyone passing by one of the Hasyayoga groups would burst out laughing looking at them anyway. Increased laughter means better blood circulation, which in turn ensures the health of your body, and particularly that of your heart.

Smile and Human Psychology

A common saying in any profession related to hospitality is ‘Serve with a Smile’. Nobody likes to be welcomed by a grumpy, sullen, grouchy receptionist, be it at the doctor’s or at a five-star hotel. Have you ever noticed that most wall-clocks on display in stores show the time ten minutes past ten? If yes, have you ever wondered why? It is because the way the hands of a clock are positioned at that time make it look like a smile. Watching someone smile is contagious, and you almost involuntarily tend to smile back at the person you saw smiling. In fact, so powerful is the emotion and emotional connect, that even reading the word ‘smile’ in this article must have made you smile at some point – and if not, then me mentioning it right now must definitely have! (See, there you go!) In part this could be to do with mirror neurons found in the body. Mirror neurons are those that send out the same signals when the body is subjected to a stimulus, and even when that organism sees another organism being subjected to the same stimulus. So when we say ‘I can feel your pain’, we really can feel someone’s pain. And that is probably why when you see someone yawn, you yawn too, and while you see someone smile or laugh, you smile or laugh too. Laughter indeed is contagious.

Common Flossing Mistakes

Our teeth undergo changes every day, depending on what we eat and drink. We don’t pay attention to what we put them through, especially when we skip oral care at the end of the day. Dentists are like the grim reapers of the dental world, with their sympathetic, yet sometimes granitic approach to our carelessness. Who can blame them? Our total disregard towards dental health is alarming, where only a few of us actually perform the teeth-cleaning trinity―flossing, brushing, and gargling (mouthwash). Tongue-cleaning is also considered an important step. Even if this isn’t performed, the other three are absolutely crucial for dental upkeep.

The purpose of flossing is to rid the crevices between our teeth of plaque buildup, that eventually turns into tartar if not taken care of sooner. It helps one avoid dental problems like periodontitis, gingivitis, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Yes, we detest visiting the dentist, but trust me, they know what they’re talking about. We’re leaning towards making flossing a habit, but we also want to do it right. Here’s a detailed view of the most common flossing mistakes that we tend to make.

Most Common Flossing Mistakes People Make

According to the ADA―American Dental Association―it doesn’t matter whether you floss your teeth before or after you brush them. But they do suggest doing it right before you brush, to allow the fluoride in a toothpaste to give your mouth a thorough cleaning.

Mistake – Sliding floss vigorously between teeth.
There’s no need to be so violent with something as delicate as your gums. There are two things that can happen―one, over a period of time you’ll injure your gums, and thus, have to suffer from gum disease, and two, gums may recede from the constant blows you land on the spaces between your teeth. Floss must be firmly planted between tight spaces using adequate yet restrained pressure, while sliding the floss back and forth without cutting it into your gums. Bacteria can make themselves comfortable in the tiny openings where your teeth and gums meet―floss must be carefully placed on either side and nudged ever-so-gently, to remove those pesky microbes.
Mistake – Not flossing regularly as advised.
e have dentists to take us through the disturbing, portend bad news of how our teeth will deteriorate if we continue to abuse them. The asperities of teeth-related troubles are a reality; we have people in our lives who will attest to that fact. Flossing is as important as remembering to eat breakfast in the morning, or applying sunblock before stepping outside. Do you constantly experience food getting stuck between your teeth where you’re forced to stick a toothpick or finger in your mouth, to pry it out? Then flossing my friend, must be performed after every meal. Bacteria are little suckers that don’t waste any time to procreate, so do away with wedged food bits post every meal. It is commonly advised that a pocket-sized floss be placed in the areas close to where you eat.
Mistake – Believing that flossing can be done away with by using mouthwash instead.
Mouthwash cannot replace flossing, no matter what a TV commercial will have you believe. Don’t fall for the claims that companies make when it comes to their dental products, since mouthwash is purely a complementary form of oral care. What we mean is that mouthwash should be used as part of one’s everyday dental hygiene, but not in place of floss. While mouthwash will certainly make you feel fresh and perky once you’re through gargling, the truth is, bacteria and plaque will inescapably snuggle closer to your set of pearly whites.
Mistake -Forgetting about posterior teeth.
Hello, back there! We don’t even want to imagine what kind of microbes are lurking in the back of your oral lair. I know what you’re going to say, “It’s too far back to reach!”, but the truth is, there’s a way around this anticipated problem. Are you familiar with an interdental cleaner? They’re mini brushes or specially-designed sticks that help you reach nooks and crannies most efficiently. They’re a tad better than flossing and are able to dislodge even the nastiest of bacteria and plaque buildup. Also, the fleshy space that extends beyond the back of your teeth, must be carefully grazed with an interdental cleaner to get rid of bacteria dwellers.
Mistake – Depending entirely on flossing and not other oral hygiene techniques.
There are many of us who hardly ever brush our teeth. While this is a hard truth to digest, it is nonetheless a widely-known fact. The recommended number of times that one has to brush their teeth is twice daily, followed by flossing, and then wrapped up with mouthwash-gargling. While it’s commendable that you floss daily, don’t sidestep the act of brushing your teeth. Toothpaste contains fluoride which is important for teeth, to help strengthen and keep them spic-and-span. It splashes generously across one’s teeth, making it easier to get rid of hidden nuisances that flossing extracts.
Mistake – Reusing floss, repeatedly.
Hold up, folks! Floss is meant to be discarded right after you’re done flossing, and not tucked back into its container. Not only will reused floss prove ineffectual whilst cleaning because of its frayed texture, but bacteria and plaque that were previously extracted, will be more than happy to return to their oral habitat too. Get rid of used floss after you’re done, for fear of inviting trouble. Also, using the same floss section to clean all of your teeth, is highly unacceptable. This can place bacteria and plaque on other areas of your mouth; flossing with the same section will only move them around. Extend the floss to a clean section every time you’re done with a tooth.
Mistake – Not flossing after blood is spotted.
Do you feel faint when you spot a speck or trail of blood? Well, there’s no need to panic when you extract a section of floss and notice a little blood. The reason behind the formation of blood can be one of two things―either you’re flossing way too hard, or your gums are inflamed and expel a little blood upon friction, which will eventually pass after regular flossing. Gingivitis is a gum inflammation condition caused by the accumulation of tartar, which will probably need a dentist’s intervention for removal. Because blood rushes to the gums once inflamed, the floss cuts into sensitive spots, thus releasing a little blood. We suggest visiting a dentist for an outlined oral hygiene plan that you can religiously follow.
Mistake – Not flossing around braces and other dental fittings.
Just because your mouth may look like a mini war zone, it doesn’t mean you can’t maneuver your way around it. Floss threaders are designed specifically for those who have dental implants and other fittings that make regular flossing tiresome and frustrating to perform. Speak to your dentist or a pharmacist about floss threaders and let them help you with how to use one, should you need assistance. There’s no need to shy away from flossing altogether, since alternatives are always available.
Mistake – Using floss for the sole purpose of freeing food.
Food bits stuck between your teeth should be the least, if not the worst, of your worries. Your biggest concerns are bacteria and plaque, where the latter can be identified by its yellowish appearance. Plaque can stealthily duck into areas you wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Plaque disclosing tablets and solutions are available in pharmacies or a dentist’s clinic, that supply a pigment to plaque present in the oral cavity, giving you a full-blown view of what you’re dealing with. It clings on to it, making it easier for you to scrape the plaque off. The tablets are chewable and the solution can be applied using a cotton swab or q-tip.
Mistake – Not flossing for an adequate amount of time.
Flossing requires not just patience, but time. You’ll need to spend quality time with your teeth, no kidding! Every gap and concealed nook needs to be minutely inspected for oral cavity trespassers. It can be a little exhausting to keep your mouth wide open while you floss away, but at the end of it, you’ll feel great. After you’re done flossing, give your mouth a quick gargle using mouthwash to get rid of remnants left behind after flossing. Practice how to floss correctly before you begin, by having a dentist perform it for you before you try it out yourself.
By rectifying the mistakes you make while flossing, you’ll avoid falling prey to periodontal troubles that take root from negligent oral care. Bear in mind, that oral hygiene alone may not save you from teeth problems, especially if you smoke, eat sugar-laden foods, or drink excessively. It can corrode teeth over time and lead to problems in spite of how well you take care of them. Minimizing how often you expose your teeth to corrosive elements, will prove beneficial in the long haul.

Best Foods for Teeth

Foods for TeethYes, there are certain foods which tend to affect dental health in a good way while some do so in a bad way. The bacteria present in the mouth tends to react with various foods that you put in your mouth. The bacteria will react with these foods and will cause tooth decay, while some foods don’t promote tooth decay at all. What happens is that the bacteria present in the mouth converts sugar into acids by reacting with the food that you eat. This acid begins to attack the tooth enamel, which starts the decaying process.

Foods that are Good for Teeth

Milk and Milk Products
Milk, yogurt, and cheese are one of the best choices of food to maintain good teeth and gum health. These foods protect the tooth enamel by coating it. These foods are high in calcium and phosphorus, which help to remineralize the teeth.

Fruits and Vegetables
Many fruits and vegetables which have a high water content are great for teeth and gum health. This is because, the water content in these foods dilutes the effects of sugars that they contain. These foods also tend to increase the flow of saliva, which protects against decay. The best choices of fruits and vegetables are the firm and crunchy ones. Some good choices of fruits are apples, strawberries, pears, etc. Some good crunchy vegetables are broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, and celery. Celery is especially good because it promotes extra chewing, which massages the gums and cleans the teeth, thus keeping it healthy.

Plain drinking water, green tea, and other herbal teas are all good for teeth health. You can sip on unsweetened teas. These teas contain antioxidants, which prevent plaque from adhering to the teeth and thus you face a lesser risk of cavities and gum diseases. Teas also inhibit the growth of bacteria and can help fight bad breath problems.

Other Special Foods
Chicken, other meats, and nuts are also good for teeth health. Just like milk and milk products, these are good foods which help to build the enamel. Onions contain powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds. Research shows that onions tend to kill different types of bacteria. So, eating fresh and raw onions can help you maintain healthy teeth.

Foods that are Bad for Teeth

The worst foods for teeth are sugary foods and sugary drinks. Sipping sugary sodas or drinks can greatly contribute to tooth decay. Also, one needs to eat sweets in limited amounts as they promote teeth and gum problems to a great extent. However, sugar-free foods are better than foods which contain natural sugars. This is because, natural sugar containing foods tend to react with bacteria in the mouth and promote the release of acids which cause tooth decay. This same reaction of bacteria with sugar-free foods is not observed. You can find many sugar free foods at the supermarket. However, make sure you stay away from natural sweeteners, as they can harm the teeth. Sometimes, chewing sugar free gum can also help, as it promotes saliva and dislodges food that gets stuck between teeth.

Apart from the foods which you eat, there are also many factors which tend to lead to teeth decay. Eating more often can also expose the teeth to harmful acids. You will also need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and if possible after every meal. If you can’t brush after every meal, then you will need to at least gargle your mouth. You can also visit your dentist twice a year for a thorough checkup and cleaning of your teeth for an overall good oral health.