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    Senior Health Issues

    Getting older has its own disadvantages. With age, health issues creep in and begin to affect the day-to-day routine of the elderly. It is observed that the organs of the body work efficiently till the age of 60. However, as the age progresses further, bodily functions slowly decline, and visits to the doctor become inevitable.

    Health Concerns in the Elderly

    Vision Problems
    With age, one may notice decline in eye function. Vision problems is one of the most common elderly health issues that require urgent medical treatment to prevent further deterioration of the eye. Minor eyesight problems are often corrected by wearing spectacles. The most common age related eye disorder is given below:

    Cataracts: Also referred to as clouded vision, cataracts affect the lens of the eye, thus leading to impaired vision. Cataracts is a condition in which the part of eye lens gets covered with a white film, making the lens opaque. As we all know, the lens of the eye is a transparent elastic structure that allows light to enter through it. This lights falls on the retina, that is exactly behind the lens. The light signal thus received by the retina, helps to produce clear images, which is interpreted as vision. However, as the lens becomes opaque due to formation of white film, the passage of light is obstructed, making it difficult for the person to view things clearly.

    Cataracts is a progressive condition that eventually affects the entire lens. Disturbances in vision are noticed when the white film covers significant area of the lens. Blurred vision and sensitivity to light are some of the most common symptoms of cataracts. Fortunately cataracts can be safely cured using a surgery.

    Hearing Loss
    As a person ages, his ability to hear and discriminate different sound diminishes. It is natural for the elderly people to be upset and anxious, as it interferes with normal communication. ‘Hard of hearing’ or partial deafness are the common complaints among the elderly. However, with the advancement in science and technology, a wide range of hearing aids are available today, to treat age-related hearing loss effectively. Programmable hearing aids are the latest devices that can make understanding people easier. However, hearing impairment when detected in the elderly need to be addressed immediately to avoid complete hearing loss.

    With increase in age, a significant decrease in bone mass or density is observed. Loss in bone density that makes the bones brittle and weak is referred to as osteoporosis. It is rightly said that elderly have a higher chance of developing bone fractures. A minor fall or even coughing can put elderly in the risk zone of bone fractures. Although more common in women over 65, men too can develop osteoporosis due to inadequate calcium intake.

    Wear and tear of joints with age, often manifests in the form of osteoarthritis. As we all know, a joint is a place where two bones meet. The ends of the bones are covered with a tissue, known as cartilage. This covering of the end points of the bones prevent friction, that may occur during joint movement. However, over time the cartilage wears away. As the layer of cartilage depletes, the bones rub against each other, causing inflammation and pain in the joints. Joint problems such as morning stiffness in the elderly are warning signs of osteoarthritis. In this condition, the joints are less flexible and cause pain during normal movement.

    One can always slow down the progression of these elderly health issues, by leading a healthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking can lead to early manifestation of cataracts. Indulging in unhealthy foodstuffs can make a person prone to wide range of problems. So, following a healthy diet and an exercise program can prolong and even prevent the occurrence of age-related problems.

    Remember, an actor like Clint Eastwood who is more than 75 years old, even today, directs movies. Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Even at this age, he has ventured into film direction, which is not an easy task. He has been successful in keeping his health in optimum condition, thanks to his active lifestyle and healthy eating.

    Prostate Infection Causes

    Prostate infection or prostatitis is the infection of the prostate gland that usually leads to inflammation and pain. Generally, the infection is caused by bacteria that reside in the large intestine. Many a time, an infection in other parts of the body like the urinary bladder and the urethra may also spread to the prostate gland, which is located just below the bladder, and this in turn leads to prostatitis.

    Types of Prostatitis

    There are four types of prostate infections — acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis.

    Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

    Causes: There can be several causes of a prostate infection, depending on the specific type. As the name suggests, acute bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection, and is marked by the inflammation of the prostate. The infection in the large intestine, urinary bladder, and other parts of urinary tract can spread to the prostate gland and cause an infection. It accounts for almost 5-10% of the total cases of prostatitis.

    Symptoms: The symptoms of this particular type are frequent urination, urinary tract infection (UTI), pain in the genital and pelvis area, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and a burning sensation while urinating. This condition, if left untreated, may cause low blood pressure, confusion, and might be fatal in few extreme cases. Delay in treating this condition may also lead to a few serious complications, like pus formation in the prostate, bladder infection, prostate enlargement with tenderness and irregularity; in severe cases, the urine flow might get blocked completely.

    Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

    Causes: The causes of chronic bacterial prostatitis are not exactly known, but it is suspected that this disease can be caused by a previous case of bacterial infection of the prostate gland and frequent occurrence of UTI. Hence, it has been surmised that some of the bacteria can remain in the gland after such an infection, and their reactivation can cause this ailment.

    Symptoms: Most symptoms of this condition are similar to that of acute bacterial prostatitis, but the severity and intensity is comparatively less. A few other indicants for chronic prostatitis are pain in the back, testes and other reproductive organs, and joint and muscle pain, with mild fever.

    Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis

    Causes: The exact causes of nonbacterial prostatitis are not known, but infectious agents other than bacteria, like viruses and parasites are suspected to be the cause. There are two types of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis — inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Studies suggest that this inflammation can be caused by the reverse flow of urine from the bladder to the prostate gland. This can be due to certain activities like horse riding, cycling, and lifting very heavy objects, especially when the bladder is full. According to medical estimates, about 90% of the cases of prostatitis are caused by unknown factors. Sometimes, infection and abnormalities in the structure of the urinary tract can also be the possible cause, especially the non-bacterial one. This specific type of prostatitis is often confused with interstitial cystitis (chronic inflammation of the bladder).

    Symptoms: This type of prostatitis infection shows symptoms similar to acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, and these indicants may disappear and return without any specific warning.

    Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis

    Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis is characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland, and it does not produce any specific symptom. Neither does this condition have an identified infectious cause, nor do the affected patients feel any chronic pain, unlike the above-mentioned types. Only when the prostate is biopsied for other ailments (possibility of cancer, infertility or elevated PSA, i.e., prostate specific antigen), white blood cells are found in the urine.

    Various Diagnostic Methods

    Prostate infections are usually diagnosed by a physical examination of the organ, as an enlarged and firm or tender prostate can indicate a possible case of infection. Urine analysis, blood culture, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI are carried out to confirm the diagnosis. Besides these, there are several other tests which involve the examination of urine samples collected before and after a prostatic massage. These conditions are mainly treated with antibiotics. However, they are not effective in curing the non-bacterial type of prostatitis, and therefore, treatment is mainly individual-specific.

    In addition to the treatment, it is very important to drink plenty of water, avoid certain strenuous activities like horse riding, cycling, biking and jogging, to prevent any further occurrence of this condition, and also to maintain prostate health.

    Handle Male Menopause Tips

    It’s not just the women who go through menopause. Men do too. However, there is a catch here. The male menopause or andropause has not been ‘well-defined’ by doctors. But, patients have shown symptoms as well as response to treatments. Well, ever heard of the midlife crisis that most men go through in their late thirties to their forties? They deal with the male menopause soon after. Ever since we are born till we die, the hormonal composition in our body keeps changing. In old age, the sex hormones understandably deplete. These hormones control the physical and sexual changes in your body as you pass through stages of puberty, adulthood and old age. These are estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males.

    Menopause marks the decline in their levels in human body. In women, menopause occurs with noticeable changes that end their menstrual cycle. However, in men, these changes are perceived as signs of old age. This is, however, true because sex hormones are the highest during youth and naturally decline towards old age, thus, affecting sexual health. Did you know? At 60 to 70 years of age, the testosterone levels in your body are about half of what you had when you were 25 years old.

    Dealing with Male Menopause
    Man-opause or andropause is the mechanism of the fall in the levels of testosterone, also known as androgen, in a man on the horizon of old age. The body produces lesser and lesser quantities of this hormone, which mainly helps provide the masculine pitch to the voice during puberty, extra growth of hair on face and body as well as the development of the male reproductive system. The symptoms of male menopause are the same as exhibited during old age. Hence, it is not recognized by all doctors as menopause since women cannot reproduce post-menopause but a man as old as 100 years can father a child. As legend has it, Thomas Parr, born in 1483 and the oldest man documented to have lived, fathered a child even after he crossed the 130 years age mark. In fact, in the year 2010, a 94-year old Indian laborer had a boy with his wife. The decline in the production of testosterone in men occurs at a much slower pace as compared to the female menopause. These changes are felt by men in late forties and early fifties. They become prominent by the age of 70.

    Symptoms of Andropause
    The symptoms are very similar to those experienced by women going through menopause. But, these symptoms reportedly disappeared once testosterone was artificially administered to the male, which does support the existence of the male sexual disorder. The drop in the level of testosterone in the male body leads to the following changes:

    • Muscle weakness
    • Loss of bone weight
    • Memory loss
    • Poor concentration power
    • Frequent mood swings
    • Osteoporosis
    • Exhaustion
    • Loss of stamina
    • Depression
    • Loss of libido
    • Increase in fat percentage of the body
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Testicular dysfunction
    • Low sperm count
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Decreased frequency of morning erection

    Treatment Options
    If a man is suffering from andropause, he is examined by a doctor to rule out any diseases, because type 2 diabetes and hardening of arteries also trigger the andropause symptoms. A series of blood tests are required to be carried out to ascertain the testosterone level in the body. If the levels are low, a man does not have to worry as there is treatment available. A lot of men have favorably responded to hormonal replacement therapies that were administered to them to increase their testosterone levels. Since 1999, there has been about a 400% rise in the demand for testosterone therapy. But, you must note that these treatments may have some potential side effects on the body. If you are a prostate cancer patient, have undergone treatment for it, or have a tendency of prostate cancer in your family history, it is advised that you do not take such testosterone-increasing therapies as they may instigate or worsen the cancer. Other side effects include prostate enlargement, acne, thinning or loss of hair, sleep apnea and infertility. Other treatments include, making healthy lifestyle changes, adopting a nourishing diet to increase energy levels and a good exercise regime that is appropriate for the man’s age. You may also take psychiatric treatment to cure mood swings or depression. However, it is best to stay away from medications that may further disrupt the chemical changes in the body.

    You must also take sufficient sleep as the amount of sleep has been linked to the level of testosterone in the body. Did you know? If you have abdominal fat around your belly, you will suffer from andropause sooner than your slimmer friends or colleagues. This is because fat converts testosterone to estrogen, so you are at the risk of depleted testosterone levels sooner. Just like menopause hits some women at a late stage, you may also delay the onset of menopause in your body by adopting a wholesome lifestyle for a robust body.

    Olive Oil for a Healthy Heart

    A hectic lifestyle, improper rest, and inappropriate diet contribute in affecting the human body in a negative way. The human body functions at its best when blood is pumped to each and every part of the body without any hindrance. A healthy heart is a result of proper diet. Diet containing high level of fat can be harmful to the heart, however, not all fat content is bad. Fats can be categorized as harmful dietary fat comprising saturated fat and trans fat, and healthy dietary fat comprising monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. It is important to incorporate healthy fat content in the diet and avoid unhealthy fat.

    One source of healthy dietary fat is olive oil. It is used in Mediterranean diet as a key constituent and is obtained from olive, which is a crop of the Mediterranean basin. American diet consists of unhealthy fat in a large proportion in the form of butter, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. This is why, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is more in America as compared to Mediterranean countries. However these days, awareness about incorporating healthy fat in the food has triggered the use of olive oil in the diet. There are numerous benefits and side effects of olive oil. It can be used for cooking and seasoning. There are various types of it available in the market. The extra virgin olive oil is the best one and is recommended for people aiming at reducing high cholesterol levels.

    Chemical Composition of Olive Oil
    To understand how olive oil and cholesterol levels are related, let’s have a quick look at its chemical constituents. It contains:

    -Fatty acids
    -Free fatty acids
    -Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

    Olive oil comprises mainly triacylglycerol molecules. Different types of fatty acids are attached to a triacylglycerol molecule. These include oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and linolenic acid. Oleic acid is the major fatty acid making up around 55-83% of olive oil. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid i.e., a healthy dietary fat. Including olive oil in the diet increases the proportion of healthy dietary fat in the body.

    Does Olive Oil Reduce Cholesterol?
    The chemical composition of olive oil makes it clearly evident that this oil has more amount of healthy dietary fat as compared to harmful fat. Human heart is supplied with blood through coronary arteries. Rise in bad cholesterol level in the body results in deposition of fats in coronary arteries as well. This causes blockage in the arteries due to which the heart has to pump harder, in order to push blood through the blockage, so that it can reach to various body parts. This exerts pressure on the cardiac muscles and results in hypertension or rise in blood pressure. Rising cholesterol levels may also lead to serious heart diseases.

    Use of olive oil helps in reducing cholesterol level in the body to some extent. The monounsaturated fatty acids present in it help in reducing the total cholesterol level and low density lipoprotein level in the body. Also, monounsaturated fatty acids do not lower the level of high density lipoprotein which is beneficial to the body, contrary to polyunsaturated fatty acids which may reduce HDL cholesterol. In this way, olive oil increases the content of healthy fat in the body and reduces unwanted fat. It must be kept in mind that using olive oil along with foods containing saturated fat will not reduce the bad fat content. One should replace unhealthy fat with it to gain its benefits.

    The Food and Drug Administration allows the manufacturers to mention in the label that, “some evidence suggest that use of two tablespoons of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the presence of monounsaturated fats in the oil”.

    For those who are busy shedding kilos of weight, don’t forget that olive oil also has the same amount of calories as found in other oils. So watch out for the portion of oil you consume. If you are someone who is at a high risk of developing coronary artery disease due to high cholesterol level in the body, it isn’t a bad idea to replace unhealthy fat in your diet with healthy fat in the form of olive oil, reduce the cholesterol level, and have a healthy heart!

    Sore Tooth Remedies

    Toothache is defined as any pain or soreness occurring within or around the tooth. A dull ache or a sharp, excruciating pain from the sensitive tooth can lead to severe discomfort and difficulty in eating. Tooth decay and dental cavity often result in sore tooth. Even a food particle stuck between teeth can cause soreness. People experience toothache due to inflammation and / or infection in the tooth. A tooth which becomes sensitive to cold, heat and pressure may lead to sore gums and may affect the movement of the jaw.

    Salt Water Gargle Recipe for Sore Tooth

    If infection is the main cause of a sore tooth, the most simple and effective home remedy is to gargle with salt water. The salt draws out water from the pathogens and dehydrates them. So, salt can be effectively used for killing bacteria and other germs. In addition, gargling with saline water helps in easy cleaning of the teeth.

    The effectiveness of a salt water gargle for alleviating tooth soreness depends upon correct preparation of the solution. In short, you should know the quantity of salt and baking soda to be added in a specific amount of water. After all, the salt is used as a desiccating agent for killing the pathogens. There are two concentrations of saline water – isotonic and hypertonic.

    Isotonic Saline

    -Take 500 ml of pure water (filtered or distilled) in a glass.
    -The temperature of the water should not be too low, as many of us are sensitive to very cold water and food items.
    -To this, add one teaspoon each of table salt and baking soda.
    -Stir the mixture well and gargle.
    -For getting relief from sore tooth, gargle with isotonic saline for three times daily, or as directed by your dentist.

    Hypertonic Saline

    -Hypertonic, as the name suggests, is more concentrated than the isotonic solution. It is usually recommended for severe toothache.
    -To prepare this saline, one needs to add two teaspoons of table salt and one teaspoon of baking soda in 500 ml of water.
    -Stir the mixture thoroughly till the salt and baking soda dissolve completely.
    -For severe toothache, gargle with hypertonic saline solution three times daily or as prescribed by your dentist.

    In order to ensure good dental health, it is always advisable to gargle with salt water after every meal and before going to bed. This will surely benefit in keeping tooth infections at bay.

    Effective Home Remedies

    Besides salt water gargling, there are many home remedies that can be tried in case of a toothache. Some of the self-care tips that you can adopt at home are given below.

    -Rubbing the affected area with an ice cube for 3 – 4 minutes will numb the area and alleviate toothache instantly.
    -Use of garlic as a sore tooth home remedy is known to us since a long time. You can place a garlic clove with rock salt on the affected area.
    -Putting 2 – 3 drops of vanilla extract will give immediate relief from toothache.
    -In case of infection, grind wheat grass and gargle with the extract. This will kill the bacteria and cure the toothache.
    -Using cloves is an age-old remedy for sore tooth. Just place a few cloves over the affected tooth and chew lightly.
    -Similarly, applying clove oil will help in curing a sore tooth. One can add a pinch of pepper powder for better results.
    -Grind asafoetida in lemon juice; then heat the mixture till it becomes lukewarm and apply on the affected tooth with the help of a cotton swab. This will help soothe the toothache.
    -At times, a sore tooth is caused due to poor oral hygiene and consumption of sugar rich food items. Speaking about dental care, proper cleaning of teeth is always recommended. One should brush the teeth in a circular motion and then slightly brush the gums for enhancing blood circulation. Also, don’t forget to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner.
    -If the toothache does not subside with the aforementioned home remedies, use painkillers or apply pain relieving lotions on the area around the sore tooth.

    In case of severe toothache, it is always advisable to consult and seek advice from a qualified dentist for correct diagnosis. Severe pain requires immediate medical attention, as delay may worsen the toothache and the condition may become more complicated.

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